We work to foster and forge the cooperation and the development, civil rights and the youth through three centres of activity :


Enables the young individuals from the French West Indies and Guyana to experience an international mobility, discover other cultures and develop a series of transversal skills, highly valuable for their employability…

Cooperation, Gender Equality, Migration

Coordinate and gather all our initiatives aimed at women and young persons in difficulty to strengthen their capacities and encourage their socio-professional inclusion…


Offer spaces, tools and methods to experiment and consolidate citizen action and bottom-up strategies on the territories to enhance the community life…


“Carry out actions in favour of international cooperation, training and mobility, involving individuals who are looking for professional opportunities while supporting them on their skills and capacities.


  • to fight for more equity
  • to promote diversity and combat discrimination
  • to develop international cooperation
  • to constantly search for new partnerships, the complementarity in one another
  • on intersectional feminism perspective
  • on horizontal governance.


Based in Martinique in the Caribbean, D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs (DA&DA) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) set up in 2016 by Émilie Albert, Lavinia Ruscigni and Julia Feist.

Émilie Albert, Lavinia Ruscigni and Julia Feist got to know each other while they were working for non-profit associations in Europe some years ago.
Then, they decided to join forces as they share the same values and commitment.


The D’Antilles et D’Ailleurs co-founders chose to locate in Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean they got to know thanks to a European project. On site, they were impressed by the natural and cultural riches but also its inhabitants’ dynamism and conviviality. However, they also noticed a lack of information regarding European programmes.


We noticed that professionals and young individuals from the French West Indies and Guyana did not have access to the same opportunities as their European continent counterparts. Thus, we are willing to help reducing the inequalities whether they be perennial, structural or interconnected with the history of these Caribbean territories.


Lavinia Ruscigni, project manager

“We are committed to internationally highlighting the unknown facets of Martinique, its complexity, its history as a source of reflection and resilience, the fact that this island is at a crossroads of a rich variety of identities.”


Émilie Albert, project manager

“Understanding the issues of the complex position of Martinique in relation to itself, to France and the world has been our priority. Thus, we have managed to build sincere relationships with partners who understand that we have a strong attachment to this territory and its inhabitants. Consequently, our actions have a stronger impact.”


The DA&DA team mobilises their wide knowledge and international experiences for the community individuals who are in need of information and opportunities regarding mobility, financing and training.

The association develops and follows up projects on four major lines : training, cooperating, creating pathways towards mobility and employment, raising awareness.

Over the years, the association has increased actions that have enabled many Martinicans to go to Europe and beyond. The participants have enlarged their skills and were given the possibility to emphasise the Martinican know-how and expertise.




Young persons who went on international mobility


Women who received support


Carried out projects



DA&DA is constituted of a core team whose members mobilise diverse skills in order to achieve projects of international scope from Martinique to Europe and vice versa.

Simona Formica

Coordinator of the cooperation and project engineering division

Charline Cormann

Communication support & Project Assistant

Chloé Blachier

Coordinatrice Pôle Jeunesse

Helena Ossola

Coordinatrice Pôle Jeunesse

Lysane Carlier

Europe Direct project assistante
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Lola and Echo

Relaxation managers

DA&DA also has a board

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