Our vision

The French West Indies, which include Martinique, have profoundly non-egalitarian origins. There has been a sustained effort towards formal equity with undeniable results. Despite such progress, strong gaps still exist between Overseas and Continental France, in particular in the socio-economic field. Youth ultramarines, but also professionals and associations, do not have access to the same opportunities of training, mobility and funding as their European counterparts. We believe that bridging these inequalities is an essential priority. With this in mind, we are taking action to promote international mobility, lifelong learning and equal opportunities.

Our values


We believe that every human being has the right to access the same opportunities (without necessarily achieving the same results). We therefore foster the implementation of projects for people with different backgrounds or living conditions, in order for them to be adequately treated and to benefit from the same opportunities.


Considering that we live in an increasingly interdependent world, we must collectively address the global challenges we are facing. We thus facilitate collaboration between individuals and contribute to the implementation of international solidarity projects in order to promote exchanges and co-development.


We affirm that the encounter between individuals with different pasts, values and reference systems, although complex, is a reciprocal enrichment. We thus promote exchanges in society, as well as within our own organization.

Our mission

D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs is an organization that works for the education and promotion of active and democratic participation, in particular of women and young people with fewer opportunities, promoting diversity, equality, inclusion and strengthening the fight against discrimination, by developing 4 main axes:



D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs organizes conferences, seminars, trainings and intercultural meetings focusing on citizenship, access to social rights and active participation of young people and women in public life.


D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs implements all initiatives, prevention and public education actions to provide people with fewer opportunities access to mobility and better professional inclusion.


D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs develops partnerships with various associations and public and private institutions in order to implement awareness-raising actions and strengthening the fighting against discrimination.


D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs supports and develops projects of cooperation and international solidarity related to capacity building, development of disadvantaged communities, peace and human rights advocacy, and equity initiatives.

Our story

D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs is a beautiful adventure that began a few years ago when a group of women, fascinated by the discovery of other cultures and already strongly engaged in the fight against all forms of discrimination, realized how their lives and identities have been shaped and enriched by the encounter with others. On their return from a trip to the Antilles, they became aware that the young people and professionals met on site did not have the same opportunities for training, mobility and exchanges as their European counterparts. Back in Martinique, they created the association D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs with a mission to bridge inequalities by promoting international mobility, organizing exchanges and fostering cooperation, in order to contribute to an understanding and respectful community. As a result, the association believes bridging stereotypes, celebrating differences, and perceiving diversity is an immeasurable wealth which will improve the world we share and live in together.

Our team

Lavinia Ruscigni


Since her teenage years, Lavinia has been attracted by the discovery of other cultures and other horizons. At the age of 17, she participated in the Intercultura program in Hong Kong, where she studied Chinese and lived with a local family for a year. Graduating in International Relations, Lavinia specialized in the history of India. After several years spent between Europe and the Indian subcontinent, she settled in Strasbourg in 2012. Committed to combating discrimination, Lavinia worked in an association, helping and supporting young people on their path towards mobility and professional inclusion. Her path of discoveries then continues with the Antilles and Martinique. Co-founder of the association D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs, she is in charge of coordinating projects and seeking funding.


Emilie Albert


In parallel with her studies in Arts and Scenography at the Fine Arts School in Lyon and then in Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, where she graduated from her Master in 2013, Emilie promotes social engagement for young people. Her knowledge and engagement has, since her EVS in Ceuta (Spanish enclave in Morocco), enlarge to include migrant rights also.
Since 2010, she participates in and develops solidarity travels on all continents, most notably educational projects for disadvantaged youth and children.
In perpetual search for new discoveries and new learning, Emilie embarked in 2016 in the creation of the association D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs.
Co-founder of the association, she is in charge of communication strategies and graphic design.


Julia Feist


Always passionate about multiculturalism and diversity, it is following her studies in Foreign Languages in 2012 that Julia became immersed in the world of Associations. Over the years, she has specialized in various fields and in particular in the management, implementation and monitoring of European projects around diverse themes related to the inclusion and employability of young people with fewer opportunities, gender equality and active citizenship. As a freelance trainer in the framework of trainings, seminars and study visits, Julia also has extensive experience in supporting young people, in the context of short and long-term volunteering. Co-founder of the association D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs, she is in charge of training young people and youth workers.




Passionate by nature where she spent the first years of her life, it is during a hike in the forest that she crosses path with Lavinia. Passionate by local (culinary) culture and honorary member of the organization since its creation, Lola actively and ineffectively participates in discussions between DA&DA members on the development of future projects. Mascot of the organization, she is in charge of relaxation moments between two projects.