The Overseas Departments, with deeply unequal origin, have led a long march towards formal equality with undeniable results.

We have established one observation: despite this progress, strong gaps persist between the Overseas Departments and France, particularly in the socio-economic field.

By founding the D’Antilles & D’Ailleurs association, we intend to contribute to bridging these inequalities by working to promote cooperation, development, citizenship, gender equality and youth.

Through the association, we work for the training and promotion of active and democratic participation, especially of women and young people with fewer opportunities; promoting gender diversity, equality, inclusion and the fight against discrimination.



Three core values are promoted: equity, cooperation and diversity.


A « fair » equality through equality in treatment, in chances, in opportunities, this is what underpins our motivation within the association.

Thus, we promote the implementation of projects aimed at people with different characteristics or living conditions, so that they can be adequately supported to benefit from the same opportunities.

Cooperation :

Working together, in a spirit of general interest at the service of all stakeholders. We have a vision of the world that is global, we see people’s problems in an interdependent way. Thus, we facilitate collaboration between individuals and contribute to the implementation of international cooperation projects in order to promote exchanges and co-development.

Diversity :

The differences and variety of individual profiles are riches to be cultivated, maintained and developed.

Promoting exchanges in the society and at international level, exceptionally as well as on a daily basis, bringing together individuals with different backgrounds, origins, values and systems of reference, is a strong value that we convey.



Our association is mobilized so that women and men from different cultures and regions can meet, exchange, learn from each other with the ultimate goal of contributing to a project that puts the human being at the heart of its priorities.

Our association intends to continue to respond to the needs of a society that still struggles to appreciate the richness of its diversity and is reluctant to accept and respect the differences of each and everyone.

The coherence of our actions depends on the respect of our founding ideas. The strength of our action can only come from the unity of our team and the volunteers committed to our side, each driven by the same values. Indeed, they work with communities and our partners to carry out projects with a strong social impact, enabling the most vulnerable people to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their full potential.



Our association works towards greater solidarity and citizen commitment.

Each member, each volunteer, each partner of the association must be animated by a spirit of openness to others and by an outward looking motivation for projects in favor of women and young people with fewer opportunities.



At the local level :

Listening to society, our association helps to fight against all forms of discrimination, encourages young people to become involved at the civic level, guides them through training cycles or entrepreneurial projects.

At the local and international level:

Our association also accompanies towards mobility and employment, promotes educational mobility for young people and youth professionals through exchange, sharing and openness to others.

Also, our association supports and develops all initiatives of international cooperation and solidarity related to capacity building, development of disadvantaged communities, in support of initiatives for peace, human rights and equity.

The Charter constitutes a set of indissociable references in the conduct of our actions.

The Charter commands the spirit and the content of the texts and actions that organize the functioning of our association.

Our association sees in diversity an incredible richness. The members of its network will have to convey mutual enrichment based on difference.