D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs

Organization in Martinique

We foster cooperation, development, citizenship and youth engagement.

More specifically, the NGO D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs works for the education and promotion of active and democratic participation, especially of women and young people with fewer opportunities, by promoting gender equality, inclusion and strengthening the fight against discrimination.


Back from a training course...

From 22nd to 30th of January 2017, D'Antilles & D'Ailleurs participated in the seminar "Go Entrepreneur" in Guadeloupe, a seminar on women entrepreneurship. Read more...


International meeting in Mada !

Partnership Building Activity "Step by Step" - from 1st to 8th of October 2017, in Martinique. Read more...


New project in Suriname !

The GENDER PLUS project already started in Suriname ! DA&DA, in partnership with Arrimage Good'îles, is in charge of the communication of this EuropeAid project ! Read more...


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