Right to the essential: educational project aimed at improving access to social rights for young people




  • Facilitate access to social rights for 60 socio-economically disadvantaged young people living in Martinique. In particular on local policies and mechanisms that could help improve their access to social rights (training/employment, housing, health, digital) through the implementation of three cycles of 4 meetings/workshops focused on the needs and priorities of young people. This culminating in the realization of a final event in the presence of local and national authorities.
  • Foster structured dialogue between young people, youth workers and local authorities.
  • Improve young people’s self-esteem, confidence and autonomy and promote social cohesion and intercultural diversity in order to change the way young people see themselves and their community, thus contributing to the fight against discrimination and the breaking of stereotypes.


Project sheet: click on the sheet to view it online or download it



  • Booklet of recommendations drawn up by young Martinicans on access to social rights for young Martinicans.
  • Information e-flyers on training, employment, healthcare…
  • E-Flyers on the obstacles faced by young people in terms of access to social rights.


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