Take your chance : Go Responsible !




  • To strengthen the key competences of young people and promote the creation of businesses in the field of responsible tourism.
  • To provide professionals with the tools and resources needed to facilitate youth acquisition of entrepreneurial skills on responsible tourism.
  • To foster the development of a favourable environment for the implementation of public policies regarding entrepreneurship in the Responsible Tourism sector.


Project sheet: click on the sheet to view it online or download it




  • The Go Responsible Research.
  • The Go Responsible Mentoring Guide providing practical tools, templates and resources to facilitate the mentoring process (The Testing phase).
  • The Go Responsible Training modules on responsible tourism: containing specific technical information for the implementation of initiatives in the field of responsible tourism.
  • The e-commerce tutorials: interactive videos giving the basic concepts on online sales and tips for the specific field of responsible tourism.
  • The European Responsible Tourism Portal: a European non-profit platform dedicated to youth initiatives in the field of responsible tourism offering online support for young people on where to find an interactive Mapping of responsible tourism initiatives.


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