Gender Plus - Suriname

March 2017 - February 2019 (ongoing)

Overall objective

Gender Plus aims to strengthen the role of civil society in Suriname, by promoting women and girls’ rights. In pursuance of its purpose, the project will empower the women's and girl's critical conscience and dialogue’s capacity, through the acquisition of gender equality awareness and social/civic/entrepreneurial competences. Specifically, the action will improve the expertise of civil society organizations (CSOs), university students and vulnerable people in Suriname in order to identify and implement actions for poverty reduction, using a women’s and civil rights approach to achieve an inclusive society which enables vulnerable communities, (young) women in particular, to be more productive and self-sufficient.


The core of the project is to raise awareness on Gender Equality and the acquisition of social, civic and entrepreneurial skills  among vulnerable communities, especially women, university students and civil society organizations (CSOs). This includes strengthening their critical conscience, their ability to express themselves and make their voice heard.


To achieve its objectives, the Gender Plus project is organizing cycles of laboratories on gender equality for university students in Paramaribo, for the most vulnerable groups in Silpaliwini and Marowijne districts and for women community based organizations. Following these laboratories, the students will produce a series of documentaries on the dynamics related to the condition of women and girls and on success stories of women entrepreneurs in Suriname.


Sub-granting and micro-credits :

- 20 projects of micro-enterprises generating incomes will receive micro-credit in Silpaliwini and Marowijne districts.

- 5 small local associations will receive a sub-granting in Silpaliwini and Marowijne districts, in order to implement gender-sensitive projects that promote sustainable development.

- 7 national NGO et 4 Women Community Based Organizations will be trained on support to social entrepreneurship, gender budgeting and GE Analysis and Planning in development. They will imagine 5 joint projects that will receive a sub-grant.


First Mission to Suriname

GENDER PLUS is a project funded by the European Union under the EuropeAid. The project is implemented by Stiching Bureau voor de Dienstverlening (Suriname) in collaboration with TAMAT NGO (Italy) and Arrimage Good’iles (Guadeloupe).